About Us

  • The African American Chamber strives for an enhanced economic base, better capitalized businesses and equitable participation, for all minorities, within the economic mainstream. The Chamber has been the catalyst for successful joint venture partnerships, bridging and building professional relationships forbusiness owners, entrepreneurs and students – of all colors and creeds and beliefs. 

We reach across all minority and majority communities. The advocacy role that the Chamber plays in numerous arenas influences key decision makers in both the public and private sectors. The African American Chamber is designed to meet community needs. 

It is a voluntary organization of individuals and businesses who ban together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial and civic interest of the community. It is a civic clearinghouse, a public relations counselor, a legislative representative at the local, state and national levels of government. The Chamber is an information bureau and a research / promotional medium.

The Objectives of the Chamber are: 

  • To promote a better understanding of our private enterprise system.
  • To coordinate the efforts of commerce, industry and the professions in maintaining and strengthening a sound and healthy business climate in Oregon.

Why should you join the Chamber?

  • The AAC promotes economic development and business opportunity for its members.
  • Your investment in AAC is important to the economic development of this entire state.
  • Membership in the Chamber provides benefits designed to meet business needs.


  • As an associate Chamber member, you are part of an active problem solving organization. The Chamber serves as a catalyst to solve key local concerns from legal impediments to employment to student mentoring and scholarships.

AAC has greatly contributed to the economic growth and development of African-American businesses by identifying and developing business opportunities, alliances and legislative advocacy. As a member, you are in position to play a pivotal role in the growth of the African American Chamber this year. Let others know about this exciting time in our organization.  I want to know what you think, what your business concerns are and how AAC can assist. 

Being Black in the Work Place

  • They take my kindness for weakness.
  • They take my silence for speechless.
  • They consider my uniqueness strange.
  • They call my language slang.
  • They see my confidence as conceit.
  • They see my mistakes as defeat.
  • They consider my success accidental.
  • They minimize my intelligence to “potential”.
  • My questions mean “I’m unaware”.
  • My advancement is somehow unfair.
  • Any praise is preferential treatment.
  • To voice concern is discontentment.
  • If I stand up for myself, I’m too defensive.
  • If I don’t trust them, I’m too apprehensive.
  • I’m defiant if I separate.
  • I’m fake if I assimilate.
  • Yet, constantly I am faced with work place hate.
  • My character is constantly under attack.
  • Pride for my race makes me, too “BLACK”.
  • Yet, I can only be me.
  • And, who am I you might ask?

I am that Strong Black Person… Who stands on the backs of my ancestor’s achievements with an erect spine pointing to the stars with pride, dignity and respect which lets the work place in America know, that I not only possess the ability to play by the rules, but I can make them as well! – Black History 365


African American Chamber is a private for profit organization that is affiliated with the African American Chamber of Commerce
O. Matthew Thomas, President
African American Chamber is a private for profit organization that is affiliated with the African American Chamber of Commerce | O. Matthew Thomas, President